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Full text of "Sequestration of the property and effects of alien enemies"

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r>r^ L Sequestration o 

^f^^J Conf Pam #327 

f^ iiiaiiiiiitiiiii 

Of the Property and 
lEffects of Atiem Enemies* 

To the people of the Counties of Person, Cas 
tcell, Jllamanee, Rockitigham and Guilford : 

The undersigned having been appointed Receiver in the place of John W. Cunningham, Esq., resigned 

oiild respectfully bring to the notice of the people of his District, composed of the above-named Counties, ai 

Vet of Congress, amendatory of an Act passed August 30th, 1861, by which it is made the duty of every perso 

11 actual possession of, or having under his control, any money, property, effects, or evidences of debt, belongiuj 

Alien Enemy, .speedily to inform the Receiver, and to render an a ccount thereof, and at once to pay ove 

the Receiver such money, and to deliver to him such property, effects and evidences of debt ; and such pay 

ntut and delivery shall be made whether any proceedings have been instituted to sequestrate the same or not 

The information required shall be made in writing and sworn to before some Justice of the Peace or otho 

Mison authorized to administer an oath. 

I am authorized to receive payment of all such monies, and to take possession of such property, effects ai 

•iilcnces of debt, and my receipt will fully acquit and discharge parties from all further liability on account > 

,0 Bamc. 

Those who desire to save cost should give information at once, as all who fail for three months after th 
jassage of tho Act to give such information will be taxed with the costs of the proceedings against them. 

Any person who wilfully neglects or refuses to comply with the provisions and requirements of the Act upo 
[his subject may be indicted, and upon convictioi may bd imprisoned not less than six months and fined not lei 
;in five thousand dollars. 
All communications upon this subject should be add essed to me at Greensborough, N. C.